World Geography

1. The smallest Ocean in the world is

2. Which of the following places you will visit to see the Thar Desert ?

3. Which is the highest mountain peak in the world ?

4. The Gulf Stream flows across the

5. Which of the following is a constituent of the Indian Ocean ?

6. Which of the following is Canada's longest river ?

7. Which is the largest peninsula in the world ?

8. Giant Sequoia, world's largest trees, are found in

9. A range of mountains in North Africa run from the Mediterranean to the Atlantic. Name them.

10. What is the approximate total desert area of the earth ?

General Knowledge

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2. World Geography -Test-02
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  • Worlds Biggest Islands

    Vestspitsbergen Svalbard

    Spitsbergen is the largest and only permanently populated island of the Svalbard archipelago in northern Norway. Constituting the westernmost bulk of the archipelago, it borders the Arctic Ocean, the Norwegian Sea, and the Greenland Sea. Spitsbergen covers an area of 39,044 km2 (15,075 sq mi), making it the largest island in Norway and the 36thlargest in the world. The administrative centre is Longyearbyen. Other settlements, in addition to research outposts, are the Russian mining community of Barentsburg, the research community of Ny

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