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The town is on ________

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    Uttarakhand is a state of taste, flavor and nutrition which gives your taste buds an awesome wholesome experience of various varities of fruits like peach (aadoo), plum (pulam), apricot (khumanee), pears (nashpati), cherry, mango, citrus (malta), litchi, guava, jackfruit, apple, strawberry, lemon, kirmodi, Hisaaloo, Kafal, Ghigharu, pine (cheer) and Bedu. Climate of Uttarakhand supports variety of fruits which have their unique taste and they are something you will like to have again and again. State has a variety of wild fruits like kafal, hisalu and bedu which are sweet and sour in taste and are very famous fruits of both the kumaon and garhwal regions.

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