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We usually add an apostrophe + s to a noun to make it plural.

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    Boss Poems

    One merit of poetry few persons will deny it says more and in fewer words than prose. Voltaire. This is true and makes it all the more nicer to convey your innermost feelings to the one superior to you in this form. You might not immediately see results because any poem needs to be grasped before being truly appreciated. Your boss is that one person who has seen you travel through your career rollercoaster of ups and downs. A small token of appreciation, like a piece of verse scribbled within a card or letter, would be perfect o nothe occasion of Boss Day. Although there is an initial fear of whether the boss will be fully satisfied with your work or not, it is the thought that counts! Any creative mind that has the ability to glorify the subject of their poem is termed a poet. So, it does not matter if you are an amateur or pro. Go for it! There are several verses that have been written in honour of bosses all around the world and all of them have been duly appreciated, to say the least. Employees must take the initiative in framing something unique and personal in memory of their beloved supervisor.

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    Thank You Poems for Boss.

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