Test # Modals- Permission and Request

You ________ use my dictionary if you want.

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  • Durga Puja

    Durga Puja in Badkulla Nadia

    Badkulla is famous in Nadia district for smallscale weaving industry and large pandals during DurgaPuja.During the four days of DurgaPuja Badkulla becomes alive. Every year thousands of people gather here from the nearby places to see the huge pandals, beautiful light works, amazing idols.Once upon a time here Durgapuja was started after getting sound of Cannon from the Royal Palace of Krishnachandra of Krishnagar. Apart from the DurgaPuja, it also well known for its cultural devotion. Here all the clubs organize annual functions to encourage the common people to take participation in different social and cultural events.Laxmi Puja, Rathyatra and Rashyatra is also very famous of here.

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