Test # Phrasal Verbs - Draw

If a car draws up, it stops.

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    Eye Strain

    The extra work which is thrown upon the nervous system through seeing, reading, writing, and sewing with defective eyes is recognized by all physicians as an important cause of disease. The tax made upon the nervous system by the defective eye lessens the supply of energy available for other bodily use, and the general health suffers. The health is improved when proper glasses are prescribed.

    Possibly the greatest danger of eye strain is among school children, who are not experienced enough to recognize defects in sight. For this reason, many schools employ a physician who examines the pupils' eyes at regular intervals.

    The following general precautions are worth observing: -

    1. Rest the eyes when they hurt, and as far as possible do close work, such as writing, reading, sewing, wood carving, etc., by daylight.

    2. Never read in a very bright or a very dim light.

    3. If the light is near, have it shaded.

    4. Do not rub the eyes with the fingers.

    5. If eyes are weak, bathe them in lukewarm water in which a pinch of borax has been dissolved.

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