Test # Phrasal Verbs - Listen

I've got to go to the shops. Could you listen ________ my phone and answer it if it rings

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    Flexibility is an often forgottencitation needed tool for high jumpers. Effective flexibility prevents injury, which can be important for high impact events such as the high jump. It also helps the athlete sprint down the runway. Hip and groin injuries are common for high jumpers who may neglect proper warm up and stretching. Hurdle mobility drills are a common way that jumpers use to improve flexibility. Common hurdle drills include setting up about 5 7 hurdles are appropriate heights and having athletes walk over them in a continuous fashion. Other variations of hurdle mobility drills are used as well including hurdle skips. This is a crucial part of a jumpers training since they perform most exercises for a very short period of time and often arent aware of their form and technique. A common tool in many high jump workouts is the use of video taping. This enables the athlete to go back and watch their own progress as well as letting the athlete compare their own footage to that of some of the world class jumpers.Training styles, duration, and intensity varies immensely from athlete to athlete and is based on the experience and strength of the athlete as well as on their coaching style.

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