Test # Plurals

Which is the correct plural?

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    The One That Got Away

    This boy will seem perfect?and secretly, you suspect he is. He?ll say all the right things, do all the right things, be the very picture of everything you ever imagined you wanted?except now that you have it, you question if you?re ready for that kind of perfection. And chances are, you?re not. Life knows when you?re ready. GOD knows when you?re ready. So even though The One That Got Away offers you everything you thought you wanted, he offers nothing you KNOW you need. And what you need is more time. Time to date other boys you?ll like but won?t love. Time to not date at all and just figure out who YOU are. Time to become the woman you?re meant to be and that you?re closer than ever to coming face to face with, thanks to the lessons brought to you by four ?almost-loves.? And you?re almost ready for him?but not quite?so you?ll open your hand and set him free?feeling the beautiful double-edged sword of releasing what?s good and holding out for what?s good for YOU?while secretly wondering for the next few years if in letting go of ?The One That Got Away,? you really let go of ?The One.?

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