Test # _ance/_ence

Which is correct?

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    The Run

    Why run? Another Local Hero / Judge / Athlete Mike Qutermous, would pick up my caber and turn it without taking a step. Or picked the caber with one hand, took a few steps at a fast walk and turned it single-handed. Obviously the need to run is related to the athlete and the physical parameters of the caber.

    I think cabers should be thought of as wheels with two spokes: there has to be a center of rotation. The run gives the forward motion to get the wheel spinning. The heavy upper end will assure that the wheel goes forward and starts the spin when you stop. The long and heavy cabers require the field experience, the technique and the strength to make this wheel simile work. With your little 2 x 4 you can easily see the spinning wheel concept when you toss it hard enough to spin twice before hitting the ground. What you want to simulate with the caber is a wheel turning only 270 degrees.

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