Test # alike/like

___-minded people tend to agree.

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    To relieve depression exercise

    Exercise plays an important role in the treatment of depression. It not only keeps the body physically and mentally fit but also provides recreation and mental relaxation. It is nature' best tranquilliser. According to Dr. Robert Brown, a clinical associate professor at the University of Virginia School of Medicine," Exercise produces chemical and psychological changes that improves your mental health. It changes the levels of hormones in blood and may elevate your beta-endorphins(mood-affecting brain chemicals). Exercise may also improve the function of the autonomic nervous system." Exercise also gives a feeling of accomplishment and thus reduces the sense of helplessness. Some form of active exercise, must be undertaken each day at a regular hour. To be really useful, exercise should be taken in such a manner as to bring into action all the muscles of the body in a natural way. Walking is one such exercise. It is, however, so gentle in character that one must walk several kilometres in a brisk manner to constitute a fair amount of exercise. Yogic asanas such as vajrasana, bhujangasana, shalabhasana, halasana, paschomittanasana, sarvangasana and shavasana and pranayamas like kapalbhati, anuloma-viloma and bhastrika are highly beneficial in the treatment of depression.

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