Test # as/like

I feel ________ a holiday.

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  • Precautions while using ATM Machines

    At the ATM

    Focus on what you are doing. Don t use a cell phone or do anything else that diverts your attention. Never allow a stranger to assist you in conducting an ATM transaction, even if you have trouble. If the ATM retains your card, notify the branch as soon as possible. Prevent others from seeing your PIN entry by using your body or hand to shield the ATM keypad. If you are in a vehicle at a drive up ATM, only open your window when you are ready to make a transaction. Keep your doors locked and the engine running. When you are finished, put your receipt, card, and money away quickly. Count cash later in the safety of your vehicle, home, or other secure area. As you return to your vehicle after your transaction, have your car keys ready and observe the area around your vehicle. Go to the nearest public area where people are located if you are followed after making a transaction and call the police. If someone does approach you and demands your money, do not resist. Remember everything you can about the person and call the police immediately.

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