Test # end/finish

I watched a movie after I'd ________ my homework.

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    P.T Usha and her friends in her native place chalked out a meticulous plan to launch the Usha School of Athletics in Koyilandy to train the young blood in Indian Athletics. A 20 Crore Rupees project, the school, Usha says, will be the countrys premier institute for training young talent.The Government of Kerala came out with an offer of 30 acres of land and a financial grant of 15 lakhs for the project. Usha School, was incepted in Koyilandi near Kozhikode on rented premises with twelve students. The students live and train under the guidance of P.T. Usha from day one based on a pre planned time schedule in the school. At present the school coaches eight trainees all girls.The method of study, exercise, diet, psychological counseling attitude building etc. are carefully planned and scientifically devised with the help of internationally acclaimed experts in the respective fields. Teachers who know and understand their students, know their sports, and possess developmentally appropriate philosophies help nurture the budding talents. A full time Certified Athletic Trainer provides medical care to our athletes.
    Being away from city limits, the eight children travel to nearby institutions to pursue their academics at present. The school will be shifted shortly to Kilanoor, about 30 kms from Kozhikode. The proposed new facility will have an increased accommodation of 50 beds. The brilliant performance of U.S.H.A students in the national and state championships, in the infancy of the school itself makes us confident that more and more medals are on the way in the National Meets, Asian Games, World Junior Championships etc., culminating in 2012 Olympics and the successive events.We have made a humble start with the limited resources in hand and a strong will to make things happen based on the trust we have in sports lovers in our country. The Usha School of Athletics has received some much needed boost with Laureus Sports Foundation under the chairmanship of Edwin Moses the great hurdler, agreeing to associate with this project.

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