Test # holiday/holidays

I'm taking some time ___ work, but I'm not going away.

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    BMW 4 Series Gran Coupe hatchback

    The second BMW on this list isnt a 3 Series, as much as it looks like one. Its actually the BMW 4 Series Gran Coupe; a four door hatchback thats based on the excellent 4 Series Coupe. From the side, you get pretty much the same swooping shape as youll find on the coupe, but with a useful extra set of doors. Yet with a wide opening hatchback, the boot is actually more practical than the one youll get in a 3 Series. The cars design is full of nice touches, like side windows that dont have a frame and sporty vents in the front wings. Theres a wide range of engines, from the frugal 418d model, to the extremely fast 435i. Manual and automatic gearboxes are available, as is the choice of rear wheel drive or four wheel drive xDrive models.

    Chourishi Systems