Test # if

If you pay by direct debit, you ________ a discount.

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    Teachers Day In India

    Since times immemorial, Indians have respected and idolized their teachers. earlier, we used to call our teachers Guru and now its the contemporary Sir or Madam. Nevertheless, the role of teachers has remained the same. They were, are and will continue to be our guiding light, creating conditions conducive to our overall development. We will always be thankful to them for their constructive support. It is as an expression of this gratitude only that we celebrate Teachers Day in India.Teachers Day is a tribute to the hard work and devotion of the teachers all year long, to educate a child. In India, teachers day is celebrated on 5th of September every year. Indian Teachers Day is dedicated to Dr. Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan, who was a zealous advocate of education and one of the greatest scholars and teachers of all times, apart from being the first Vice President and the second President of India. As a mark of respect to this phenomenal teacher, his birthday came to be observed as Teachers Day in the country.

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