Test # me/to me

Ayed recommended it ________

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  • Precautions while using CNG

    CNG Vehicle Safety Precautions

    The following safety precautions should be considered at all times when operating natural gas fuel systems and equipment
    1. A portable fire extinguisher must be installed on the vehicle in an easily accessible location.
    2. Do not start the engine if a natural gas leak is detected.
    3. Never attempt to open system components that are under pressure.
    4. System pressure must not exceed 3000 psi for public vehicles in Canada.
    5. For all other vehicles the system pressure must not exceed 3600 psi i.e. Private captive fleets.
    6. Do not smoke or produce an open flame within 30 feet of a CNG vehicle or a CNG dispensing filling station.
    7. Always ground a vehicle prior to defueling.
    8. If a CNG vehicle must be out of service for an extended period of time, turn cylinder valves to the OFF CLOSED position and run the engine until it stalls. This will consume the residual fuel in the closed off lines.

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