Test # play/go/do

You ________ skiing.

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    Legend That Invokes People To Celebrate Nag Panchami

    While celebrating Nag Panchami in 2014, it is a good idea to know about the legend behind this festival. The association and role of snakes in the Hindu religion can not be denied or ignored. With the prayers offered to the snakes, people also take a step forward in promising that they will face their inner fears.The Story of Nag Panchami is very interesting and is related to the Lord Krishna. The Nag Panchami story signifies the victory of good in a very simple manner. Once, there was a nag named Kalia during the era of Lord Krishna. His evil deeds were increasing day by day. His terror was not allowing people to have a life of their choice.

    To end this tyranny Lord Krishna came up and killed the Nag with his brave actions. The day on which nag was killed is celebrated as Nag Panchami. Nag Panchami is an ancient hindu festival and its glory will keep on glowing in the coming time too.There are many beliefs related to Nag Panchami. People also believe that worshipping a Nag on this day will keep them and their family safe from all the snakes forever.Keep the faith alive in your hearth and perform the Nag Panchmi puja in 2014. It will bring immense happiness and will also ensure the safety of your loved ones.

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