Test # quite/rather

It was not ________ good enough.

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    Every student no matter how experienced or naturally smart

    Ive had this lesson drummed into me only this week and Im in my sixth year of university study. Im about to sit an exam that requires me to look at about 100 pages of evidence and come up with a theory about what I think happened, along with some other bits and pieces. As my lecturer rightly reminded us many times , do you learn how to ride a bicycle by reading a book on how to ride a bike? Do you watch a video of someone riding a bike? No. You get on the bike and keep riding until you dont fall off anymore. I have done a few practice runs at putting examples of evidence together. And my lecturer was dead right. The first one I did was awful. But the more practice I did, the better my work became. Well your teens school subjects are no different.

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