Test # this/that/these/those

If ________ class doesn't stop making so much noise, I'm going to go and tell them to shut up.

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    Drew Barrymore

    Drew Barrymore is looking in the pink of her health in this picture. Her figure is nothing short of an hourglass, her legs are nicely toned, her arms are just as toned too and her thighs are without a trace ugly cellulite. Not to mention the fact that her stomach is absolutely flat and her skin is glowing. And all this because Barrymore regularly does yoga. No fad diets or extreme exercises for Barrymore. It is only yoga that the lady swears by to keep herself fit. In this picture too, Barrymore can be seen carrying a yoga mat and a bottle of water ample proof that for Barrymore yoga is the secret to fitness.

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