Test # too/enough

The room wasn't ________ so I turned the heating on

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  • Most Beautiful Christian College and University Campuses in the World

    International Christian University Tokyo Japan

    International Christian University (ICU) was founded in 1949 to emphasize peace and reconciliation. The main campus, a blend of ancient and modern times sits on 150 serene, wooded acres in west Tokyo. It provides the perfect atmosphere for peace. It is a one hour train ride away from downtown Tokyo. ICU s campus is built on ancient pre Jomon and Joman remains, yet internet access is available all around the campus. Students at ICU have the unique opportunity to engage in archeological fieldwork. Excavated items are displayed in the Hachiro Yuasa Memorial Museum. In a lovely, quiet wooded area on campus, the Taizanso Garden is accessible through a large thatched gate. The garden was established in the 1920s and includes a traditional Japanese tea house and the historic One Mat Room. The One mat room was constructed of beautiful wood gathered from sacred, historic sites all around Japan.

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