Test # wish

I wish I _________ that yesterday.

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  • Precautions while using WhatsApp

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    The WhatsApp Service allows WhatsApp users to submit status text, profile photos and other communications submitted by you, as well as the automatic submission of your last seen status collectively, the Status Submissions. These Status Submissions may be hosted, shared, and/or published as part of the WhatsApp Service, and may be visible to other users of the Service who have your mobile phone number in their mobile phone and which you have not expressly blocked. For clarity, direct messages, location data and photos or files that you send directly to other WhatsApp users will only be viewable by those WhatsApp users or groups you directly send such information; but Status Submissions may be globally viewed by WhatsApp users that have your mobile phone number on their smartphone, unless the user is blocked by you. Currently, we have no method of providing different levels of visibility of your Status Submissions among users that have your mobile phone number you acknowledge and agree that any Status Submissions may be globally viewed by users that have your mobile phone number, so dont submit or post status messages or profile photos that you dont want to be seen globally. A good rule of thumb is if you dont want the whole world to know something or see something, dont submit it as a Status Submission to the Service. The submission of your last seen status is done on an automatic basis. As clarified in the following section, you retain your ownership rights in your Status Submissions. You understand that whether or not such Status Submissions are published, WhatsApp does not guarantee any confidentiality with respect to any submissions.

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