drive up (a price)
to make the price of something increase
The cold weather is driving up the price of heating oil.
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  • Rules to play Foosball

    Alterations to the Table

    Playing area no changes can be made that would affect the interior playing characteristics of the table by any player. This includes changes to the men, playing surface, bumpers, etc. A player cannot wipe sweat or spit or any foreign substance on his hand before wiping ball marks off the table. Wiping rosin on the table is illegal. Any player using a substance on their hands to improve their grip, for example, must make sure that this substance does not get on the ball. If this does occur, and the substance is judged to affect the play of the ball (Example: a ball coated with rosin) that ball and any others in the table similarly affected shall be cleaned immediately and the team judged to have caussed this to occur shall be penalied for delay of game and warned that if this occurs again during the match they will be prohibited from using the substance. Handles in regard to the use of substances to improve grip, if a player uses a substance that, upon switching tables sides, has left a deposit on the handles, he must immediately clean the handles. If the time necessary to remove the substance exceeds 60 seconds, the player will be penalized for delay of game, and the player will be prohibited from using the substance again. A player may not place a tube or handle on the table exterior that inhibits the motion of the rods (example: for limiting the motion of the goalie rod). A player may not switch the handles on the exterior of the tables. A request to change balls before the start of the match must be approved by the official present or the Tournament Director. The request will be granted only if the playing characteristics of the existing balls are significantly different from the standard. New ball a player may not ask for a new ball while the ball is in play. During a dead ball, however, a player may request a new ball from the rack inside the table. Such a request will generally be granted, unless the official present judges that such a request is made simply for the purpose of stalling play. A player requesting a new ball while the ball is in play shall be charged with a time out, unless the official present judges the ball to be unplayable, in which case no time out will be charged. Unless otherwise specified, penalty for violation of any part of this rule may be grounds for a technical foul.

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