3056. Fact
If a crocodile loses his teeth it will always grow new ones to replace them.

2173. Fact
'Second Street' is the most common street name in the U.S.; 'First Street' is the sixth!

4622. Fact
The cruise liner Queen Elizabeth II moves only six inches for each gallon of diesel that it burns.

8007. Fact
Bananas aren t fruit. They are a type of herb.

7198. Fact
A type of rabbit can mate 12 hours after giving birth

8427. Fact
The main road in Hershey, PA (where Hershey's candy bars are made) is Chocolate Avenue.

4466. Fact
The only words in the English language to contain two "U's" back to back are: vacuum, residuum, and continuum.

8069. Fact
Only two people signed the Declaration of Independence on July 4th. The last signature wasn't added until 5 years later.

6350. Fact
According to Illinois state law, it is illegal to speak English. The officially recognized language is American.

5947. Fact
Average number of days a German goes without washing his underwear: 7.

4825. Fact
In 10 minutes, a hurricane releases more energy than all the world'snuclear weapons combined.

8064. Fact
Asthma affects one in fifteen children under the age of eighteen

729. Fact
A newborn kangaroo weighs approximately one gram (0.035 ounces).

6526. Fact
In 1998, a law passed in the U.S. state of Virginia allows drivers to keep their road kill, as long as they report it within 12 hours. updated

5487. Fact
Recycling one glass jar, saves enough energy to watch T.V for 3 hours.

599. Fact
The tastebuds of butterflies are on their feet.

788. Fact
A leech can suck up as much as 2 cubic centimeters (0.12 cubic inches) of blood, but only after fasting for a year.

2032. Fact
On average everyone farts once per hour.

3326. Fact
An eagle can kill a young deer and fly away with it.

4510. Fact
Just one in three consumers pays off his or her credit card bill every month.

398. Fact
Right to cast vote in the public elections.

1867. Fact
Lenny Kravitz's mother played the part of "Helen" on "The Jeffersons."

3319. Fact
American car horns beep in the tone of F.

41. Fact
The average person expels flatulence 14 times each day.

2007. Fact
No word in the English language rhymes with month.

7301. Fact
Phimosis is an inability to retract the foreskin fully, is harmless in infancy and pre-pubescence, occurring in about 8% of boys at age 10.

3051. Fact
Tea was so expensive when it was first brought to Europe in the early 17th century that it was kept in locked wooden boxes.

8096. Fact
Walter Huston and his son John become the first father-and-son team to win Oscars as director of and an actor in Treasure of Sierra Madre in 1949.

1740. Fact
In India, people are legally allowed to marry a dog!

2744. Fact
Winston Churchill was born in a ladies' room during a dance!

10506. Fact
The quills of a porcupine are soft when they are born.

1672. Fact
If you put a T-Bone steak in a bowl of Coca - Cola Syrup, it will dissolve in 2 to 3 days.

4186. Fact
In 1997, Fourteen percent of the one million citizens of Nairobi, Kenya carry the AIDS virus. Some 20% of the Kenyan military is infected.

9549. Fact
Baseball was the first sport to be pictured on the cover of Sports Illustrated

1472. Fact
Cows can't vomit.

10612. Fact
There is an automobile model called Stutz Bearcat.

1706. Fact
In 1982, a high school student from Los Angeles, California unscrambled the Rubik's Cube in 22.95 seconds.

7344. Fact
The cockroach dies from radiation and would not survive a nuclear war.

1683. Fact
If you went out into space, you would explode before you suffocated because there's no air pressure

6944. Fact
Pilgrims did not eat with forks. They only used spoons, knives and their fingers

7169. Fact
The 1912, a wrestling match in Stockholm between Finn Alfred Asikainen and Russian Martin Klein lasted more than 11 hours. Klein eventually won, but was to tired to participate in the championship match

10337. Fact
Former U.S. President Franklin Pierce was arrested during his term as President for running over an old lady with his horse, but the charges were later dropped

8327. Fact
The citric acid found in lemon juice is said to be able to dissolve a pearl

9684. Fact
The Soviet Caucasus mountain actually moved a mile in 1972. Heavy rains swelled an underground river and the whole mountain salied away over the course of eight days.

10163. Fact
The 'King Ranch'in Texas is bigger than the state of Rhode Island.

8607. Fact
The smallest bird in the world is the bee hummingbird. The bird is 2.24 inches long

9964. Fact
The Olympic was the sister ship of the Titanic, and she provided twenty-five years of service.

2916. Fact
Jeremy Bentham, a British philosopher who died in 1832,left his entire estate to the London Hospital provided that his body be allowed to preside over its board meetings. His skeleton was clothed and fitted with a wax mask of his face. It was present at the meeting for 92 years.

9258. Fact
The snow leopard protects itself from extreme cold when it sleeps by wrapping its 3-foot-long tail around its nose

3223. Fact
Persia changed its name to Iran in 1935



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