Prepositions - Against

  • Against means touching something or somebody for support.

    Pattern 1: verb + against + noun
    The man was leaning against his car.

    Typical verbs used before against:
    hang, lean, lie, rest, sleep

    Pattern 2: verb + noun + against + noun
    They held the mirror against the wall.

    Typical verbs used before against:
    butt, hold, keep, lay, lean, place, pull, put, rest, set

  • Against means touching forcibly.

    Pattern: noun + verb + against + noun
    The rain beat against the window.

    Verbs often used before against:
    bang, beat, crash, crush, heave, hit, knock, push, splash, throw, thrust

  • Against means in opposition to.

    Pattern: noun + verb + against + noun
    The mayor was against the idea of a new day-care center.
    Stealing is against the law.
    Our senator voted against that bill.

    Typical verbs used before against:
    act, argue, campaign, debate, fight, go, move, play, vote, work

    Nouns often used after against:
    action, bill, concept, enemy, force, idea, law, nomination, orders, plan, precepts, principles, proposal, regulations, religion, rules, suggestion, teachings, team, wishes

  • Against can mean toward a force in the opposite direction.

    Pattern: verb + against + the + noun
    Sailing was rough yesterday; we sailed against the wind all day.

    Typical verbs used before against:
    drive, fight, go, move, run, sail, struggle, swim, walk

    Nouns often used after against:
    current, flow, force, tide, wind

    against trafficó
    I drive against traffic because I live in the city and I work in the suburbs.

  • Against can mean to the disadvantage of.

    Pattern: noun + be + against + noun
    You may not get that job because your age is against you.
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  • Rules to play Snow Sledding

    These Simple Safety Rules

    Youve got the right kind of sled and a helmet that fits correctly, youre dressed warmly, and youve picked out a perfect hill. Youre ready to go. Follow these rules to keep yourself and other sledders safe

    Designate a go to adult. In the event someone gets injured, youll want an adult on hand to administer first aid and, if necessary, take the injured sledder to the emergency room.
    Always sit face forward on your sled. Never sled down a hill backwards or while standing, and dont go down the hill face first, as this greatly increases the risk of a head injury.
    Young kids (5 and under) should sled with an adult, and kids younger than 12 should be actively watched at all times.
    Go down the hill one at a time and with only one person per sled (except for adults with young children).
    Never build an artificial jump or obstacle on a sledding hill.
    Keep your arms and legs within the sled at all times, and if you fall off the sled, move out of the way. If you find yourself on a sled that wont stop, roll off it and get away from it.
    Walk up the side of the hill and leave the middle open for other sledders.
    Never ride a sled that is being pulled by a moving vehicle.

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