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    Selection and storage

    If you are not from the countryside then you most likely can find these beautiful tiny olive green buds filled in a narrow tall glass jar submerged in their pickling medium in the spice stores and groceries. Pickled capers are readily available around the year in the markets. Traditionally, soon after their harvest, the buds are hand washed and allowed to dry in the sun for few hours before being put into tall jars containing vinegar, brine, or olive oil. Alternatively, they can also be preserved in coarse sea salt alone. In general, small size buds (less than one centimeter) are considered more flavorful than the larger buds (more than 1?cm diameter). Capers should be preserved by immersing in the pickling medium; otherwise, they will develop an off flavor. Once you open the jar, make sure the bottle is refrigerated for future use. Use stainless steel spoon or fork to take them out from the jar.

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