American Cliff Swallow
Key Features
  • Elegantly colored small bird that forages for insect prey while in flight
  • Chases after swarms of insects with its tiny mouth wide open
  • Groups gather mud to build nests in colonies on cliffs, canyons, bridges or buildings
  • Where
    Found in North America, from Alaska south throughout most of the U.S. to central Mexico; winters in South America from Brazil to Argentina
    Did You Know
  • Cliff swallows choose mud with high clay and silt content; this makes the nest less likely to crumble when dry, important when walls are shared.
  • Cliff swallows often trespass into each other's nests. Most do nothing once inside, but occasionally one will steal fresh mud or toss an egg out of the nest.
  • Conservation
    American cliff swallows are abundant throughout their range and are currently not threatened.Their adaptability in nesting sites has led to the expansion of their range across the United States.
    Order : Passeriformes
    Genus Species : Hirundo pyrrhonota
    Family : Hirundinidae

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