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Barn Swallow
Key Features
  • Nests close to humans— in barns and derelict buildings, beside dams and beneath bridges
  • One of the most widespread birds in the world, its range has increased alongside human settlement
  • A swift and agile hunter of flying insects, it follows domestic livestock herds to snap up insects in their wake
  • Where
    In summer throughout North America, Asia and Europe in open country, farmland, grassland and parks, wherever there are suitable nesting sites; winters in South America, southern Africa and Asia
    Did You Know
  • When swallows disappeared from northern regions in fall, it was once thought that they buried themselves in the mud or hid in caves to hibernate through the winter.
  • A migrating flock in Nigeria had 50,000 swallows.
  • One swallow nest was used every year for 48 years by different breeding pairs.
  • Conservation
    The number of swallows soared in North America and Europe as settlers cleared woodland and erected buildings, offering new nest sites, such as bridges. However, the bird is now declining in some areas of the wild in the wake of intensive agriculture and the removal of old barns.
    Order : Passeriformes
    Genus Species : Hirundo rustica
    Family : Hirundinidae

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