He was sad at the sight of the old woman ________ down to the store every morning.

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    Culinary Uses of Bay Leaves

    Bay leaf is used extensively in the cuisines of India, Nepal, and Bhutan. Its an important spice in the Moghulai style of cooking especially biryani and korma. Kashimiri cuisine uses Tejpatta extensively. It is also used in the cuisines of Nepal and is an integral part of Tsheringma herbal tea in Bhutan. Both fresh and dried bay leaves are used in cooking and impart a distinctive flavor and aroma. In Indian cooking, bay leaf is usually used as a whole dried leaf during the tempering of a dish be it vegetarian or non vegetarian. It is an essential ingredient during preparation of the famous Biryani. The tempered bay leaves are removed once the dish is cooked, just before serving.

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